95% of Covid Cases In Mumbai Are Asymptomatic, Doctors Say No Cause for Concern


While we are not supposed to declare “COVID over,” this is what doctors and nurses say. In Mumbai, the caseload has more than quadrupled over recent weeks. It went from 300 per month to almost 400 per week. According to The Times of India, there was still one death in Gondhia despite the increase.

Dr. Pradeep Awate stated that data from genome sequencing has shown there are no new variants in circulation. Only Omicron’s sub-lineages are found in India.

Although the city has a 1% positive rate, they don’t have a universal testing program like China. It’s possible that Mumbai’s infection rate is higher than 1%, given that 95% of those who have tested positive for the disease show no symptoms.

It’s not like India has had an easy time. India, the world’s largest country, has also been the victim of the third-highest death rate behind Brazil and the U.S. Low obesity rates, sunshine and a younger population are apparently better indicators of COVID survival than the first-world medical system.

Authorities have not warned of any lockdown in Mumbai.

Until COVID is “eradicated,” China will continue to be the Communist Country’s main financial, commercial, and shipping hub.

EFE reported Friday that Shanghai authorities had announced that their “battle against Covid-19” has entered a crucial phase in the fight to eradicate viral infections within residential areas.

Shanghai’s lockdown has entered its second month. Some residents are fleeing from the lockdown and jumping off high-rise balconies to escape it.

What is the official death toll in Shanghai’s recent breakout? Eleven. According to official statistics, an identical percentage of infected people are totally symptomatic.

Both the Chinese and Indian COVID vaccines performed worse than Western vaccines.

Both Mumbai and Shanghai have a few deaths, but there are large numbers of sick people in both countries.


While Mumbai’s people go about their daily business, Shanghai is being held down. This causes more disruptions to the supply chain and causes great damage to China’s economy.

Why is there such a huge discrepancy?

If I had to guess it would be this: India’s government can be freely elected and at least partially responsive to voter concerns. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not stake his reputation and that of his country on the “Indian way”, which would have seen him defeat the COVID virus.

One man rules Communist China, Xi Jinping. He is not answerable to anyone, but he did stake his reputation and that of his country on a unique “Chinese way”, which was the complete defeat of the COVID virus.