CNN+ Is Headed to the Train Station


Variety, the entertainment magazine, was all ears this morning. They dropped this hint of a bombshell.

Warner Bros. According to two sources familiar with the matter, Discovery will shut down CNN+ on Thursday and is expected to provide more details to employees.

CNN and Warner Bros. spokespeople Discovery could not immediately be reached for comment.

Chris Licht, CNN’s incoming CEO, sent staffers a memo Thursday morning describing “an important meeting” that would be held at noon. Staffers are expected to learn about the decision at that time, these people claimed. These people claim that Licht already informed Andrew Morse (CNN executive vice president) of the decision. Morse couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

It’s about that time now on the East Coast, and I would love the opportunity to fly on the wall.

It’s a joy to see.

This must-have scared Brian Stelter to the point that he was afraid to share it:

Within 10 days, the entire media empire will be moved to “the Train Station”.

Nick Arama, my colleague, reported that CNN+ had just taken off before the new management took it under their wing.

The launch of CNN+ seems to have failed, with very few viewers and Chris Wallace throwing tantrums. One has to wonder if this might be rethought or cut.

CNN+ had 200,000 subscribers in less than one month.

Who wants to be a 24-7 Chris Wallace, Don Lemon, and Jemele Hill? Seriously?!

Chris Wallace is clearly the hardest hit. He cannot go back to Fox News without his tail between his legs. Or can he?

Warner Bros. saw the handwriting on the wall. Discovery pulled the marketing dollars from CNN+.

Warner Bros. has taken the positive step of presenting Quibi’s 2020 epic failure in a positive light. Three weeks after the launch of CNN Plus, Discovery suspended all marketing to CNN Plus from outside.


As our media contributor Brad Slager reported Tuesday, CNN’s new management would prefer that CNN+ not be launched.

Although the new management team wasn’t happy with CNN+’s rollout before the merger, there were certain realities that made it impossible to delay. For example, the high-priced talent that would be sitting on the sidelines being paid to produce no content. It is evident that CNN+ did not meet projections. This was partly due to unrealistic projections.

“Unrealistic,” as in assuming that they would have an audience who actually cares.

So much wrong. CNN is a great brand.