Is Musk Planning To Move Twitter From California To Texas?


SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought Twitter to great delight. It raises the question of whether Musk will move the company’s headquarters out of California’s toxic Silicon Valley, just like he did Tesla, Inc.

Fox Business reports that Jim Schwertner, a Texas rancher, is the CEO and president of Capitol Land & Livestock. “He hopes to lure Elon Musk to Central Texas with free land for him to build a new headquarters. ”

Elon Musk, Move Twitter to Schwertner, TX. Schwertner tweeted, “We will give 100 acres free of charge if you live 38 minutes north of Austin, Williamson County.”

This seems like the ideal spot for a new Twitter Headquarters, at 38 miles away from Austin. Musk, Inc. moved its Gigafactory headquarters to Austin, Texas in Dec 2021 to cut down on capital gains taxes.

Schwertner stated that he was serious about the proposal and that he noted that the land is worth millions of dollars. Schwertner stated that his land north of Austin is “affordable housing and places to live, as well as business-friendly”, and is far from San Fransico, which is expensive and crowded.

The Texas Hill Country has been a hub of innovation and business for many years. Bernard Schwertner, an Austrian immigrant, and his three sons recognized the potential for agriculture in the region. In 1903, the Bartlett and Western Railways began to pass through the area. Schwertner was later established.

Musk told Fox Business that it was hard for people to afford homes and that many people had to come in from far away when Tesla headquarters moved to Texas.

Musk should move Twitter’s headquarters from California to Texas. It is logical and logical. Musk may consider Schwertner in Texas as his Twitter headquarters. Texas has a lower cost of living and more room to grow.

Schwertner’s land is “primarily ranching, farmland,” but has good access and infrastructure. Schwertner said that Elon could make the area a “new frontier” while boasting that it has “good access” and “good infrastructure.” ”

We are aware that Musk moved to Texas in 2020. Although it is not yet known if Musk will move Twitter headquarters to Texas, it seems likely.