Libs of TikTok Gets the Last Laugh on the Washington Post


We have written a lot about cancel culture. It will cause the demise of American society as it is.

There are many people willing to do the hard work to ensure that cancellations are less of an issue in this country.

We saw that this week when the popular “Libs of TikTok” account came under attack from the Washington Post and their “technology reporter” Taylor Lorenz, who thought that in outing the person behind LoTT via doxxing and a heavy reliance on dubious “information” supplied by the liberal hacks at Media Matters and German-government-funded “open source projects” that they could effectively cancel the account.

But it all went wrong pretty quickly. We reported that LoTT did not sleep soundly into the night and that the account gained a lot of new followers very quickly. They gained over 125,000 new followers in just one day. They now have more than 307,000 followers and are close to a million followers.

As it stands, their following number is 939 700. They’ll likely reach over a million by the weekend, I believe.

LoTT will not only be able to attract hundreds of thousands more followers each day due to LoTT’s ongoing exposure of radical leftist educators using TikTok to openly brag about their indoctrination techniques on young children in public schools classrooms. But, LoTT’s ability does what she loves best will also be possible thanks to Seth Dillon (CEO of conservative satire website “The Babylon Bee”), which has been repeatedly threatened by Big Tech and Big Media with its cancellation.

Dillon made a personal deal with LoTT Tuesday.

Libs of TikTok also recently launched a Substack page that boasts “thousands of subscribers paid.” You can find out more about how you can subscribe and support the page by clicking here.

Substack is a platform that has made it clear that they support the open exchange of ideas.

Although LoTT has made lemonade out of lemons, the Washington Post should not be excused for its actions. Readers are encouraged to continue to voice their opinion to the paper. Let them know how they did it.