Microchips Storing Vaccine Information?


What would your plan be if you were to build a conspiracy-theorist army that doesn’t trust the medical system? You would recommend microchips to store vaccine status. The Swedish company created a subdural implant that can be used as a storage device for vaccine passports.

Epicenter, which specializes in subdermal Microchips, says that the implants are approximately the same size as a grain of rice kernel. Near-field communication (NFC), which can be easily read by standard devices, is used to create the implants.

In an interview with Ruptly, Epicenter’s chief disruption officer Hannes Sjoblad stated that plants can be used for many purposes and are versatile technology.

He replied, “I can.” They swiped me with a smartphone and showed me my covid passport. ”

Not. Creepy. At. All.

Sjoblad said that he also has a chest chip that stores his medical information. This chip is not accessible through his arm’s vaccination passport. Only a special app can access it and they must have permission to do so.

Although this technology is not new, the implantable microchips used in vaccine passports are an interesting application. They can be easily removed and they can be safely stored. What is stopping the government from requiring people to have the implant? The vaccine.

This was the Mark of the Beast, as it was described in the book of Revelation. There was a lot of speculation. This is a biblical prophecy about the End Times.

Although the Bible warns that we don’t know the exact date, QR and NFC technology make it easier to visualize these prophecies.

It’s only a matter of time before Anthony Fauci or any other health bureaucrat pushes for implanted vaccine passports as a condition to full participation in society.

Let’s face facts: Millions upon millions of sheep will be delighted to have their hands microchipped by the government as dogs, if and when it happens. The government can monitor their movements and detain those who don’t comply.

Not. Creepy. At. All.