Where Did Joe Biden’s $5.2 Million in Unexplained Income Come From?


Financial records indicate Joe Biden has $5.2 million in “unexplained income” that was acquired while Hunter Biden was making huge money from foreign business deals and earmarking “10 percent for the Big Guy.”

According to The Daily Mail Joe Biden agreed to pay Hunter’s legal fees for the CEFC deal. This company is connected to the Chinese government.

This revelation follows Monday’s report showing that Obama’s visitor logs show that Hunter Biden’s top business partner visited the White House 19 times more than Joe Biden. This contradicts Joe’s claim to have never been involved in his son’s business dealings.

The Daily Mail reports Hunter’s business deals with overseas companies tie Hunter even more. Hunter’s claims that he didn’t discuss them with his son are now more plausible. Joe was able pay his bills after he was elected vice-president because he had made millions from the businesses he and his wife owned.

Biden earned income from speaking engagements, book deals and other sources. Imagine people paying to see Biden speak! However, there is $7million in discrepancy between the income Biden reported on his tax returns and the income he reported to government transparency reports.

According to The Daily Mail, “some of the difference can also be accounted by salaries earned first lady Jill Biden and other sums that he doesn’t need to report. However, it still leaves Joe with $5.2 million in business earnings that are not listed in his transparency reports. The Daily Mail’s investigation revealed that Joe Biden received money from the foreign venture. Emails found on Hunter’s computer suggest Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter’s record-breaking agreement with China”.

Hm… $5.2 million in discrepancy? That’s not chump change. What exactly was Biden trying to hide? Was it his cut of Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals? There are a lot of unanswered questions here.