Women vs. Wokeness: It’s Time to Pick a Side


Recently, I wrote an article in which I stated that the UK police allowed Pakistani Muslim men in the UK to rape white and Sikh women for approximately 15 years. This was in spite of the fact that they were supposed to arrest them. Our in-house expert on Islam wrote that there were around one million victims. Many victims were raped more than 100 times. One victim, a young man, was gang-raped several times over the years and forced to have six abortions by the rapists. All over the UK, cops remained silent and permitted the Muslim reprobates to rape almost with impunity. Women lost their sanity, and wokeness prevailed.

Women in America have struggled with being woke for years. Many, particularly the left-leaning, pink-haired, shrill harpies with so numerous face piercings they look like they were thrown into a tackle box are perpetuating this problem.

“Belief in all women” is a great bumper sticker, but the rules are different when it comes to Democrats sexually assaulting females.

Bolshie ogresses marched loudly against Trump when a hot microphone caught him laughingly saying, “When you’re famous, they let it happen.” You can do everything. Grab them by clicking the p ****. “You can do anything.” Former Senate staffer Tara Reade claimed that Biden had pushed her against the wall and forced her fingers inside. Biden denied the allegations. Even though the story was not on the news radar, a 1993 video shows Tara Reade’s mom calling Larry King to discuss her daughter being assaulted by a “prominent senator”.

When it comes to sexual assault, the message is clear: The left will believe all women as long as they accuse conservatives. A Democrat can attack a woman and she can simply shush like a good girl. What’s the word for “woke”?

I find it hilarious when lefty she-wolves don vagina hats, and scream that women should not be “objectified”. As a straight man, I support the right of a woman to protest topless “misogyny”.

What is “woke” for women? It helps the left’s Marxist movement. Keep in mind that waking up is a tool used by the left for bringing Marxism to America.

Feminists will jump, jive, and wail for women’s rights until they clash with the left’s favorite victim, trans dudes.

Real women are losing opportunities, scholarships, paydays, and athletic accolades to men in pigtails. After years of being a loser as a man, Lia Thomas is the left’s most popular athletic darling. Thomas can share the locker with his female teammates. Some of them are uncomfortable seeing Thomas’ twigs and berries. Thomas is attracted to them, so they are naked in front. They complained to Thomas, but in the world that is woke, women don’t matter.

Reporters were told by one of the swimmers that the following was said by her:

It’s very upsetting because Lia seems to not care about how others feel. For the sake of one, all 35 of us should be able to feel comfortable in our own locker rooms and spaces. The school was so concerned with Lia’s well-being and did everything possible to make sure she was happy, that they forgot about us.

You would expect the snarling feminazis to take to the streets against men wearing dresses and taking over women’s sports but they have remained silent. It makes me wonder if the man who ordered the pipe-down came from a woman.

How does the “woke” brigade benefit women?

Gender Pay Gap

The “woke” Left believes that gender is not real until there’s the “gender pay gap”. After that, it’s a gender fest!

I loved the Democrat’s ability to trick millions of women into believing they were being cheated every payday. It is easy to dismiss the myth that women make 77 cents per dollar for every dollar that a man earns. This logic can be used to argue that companies would only hire female employees if this were true. PragerU has a great video that disproves the myth that women get less pay.

The Southern Border

Open borders are a popular idea among the woke. “Diversity, our strength!” However, panties, just like money, can’t grow on trees. Yet, “rape trees” exist. “Diversity” is getting women raped. Women are often the victims of gangs that rape them in order to cross the border to the U.S. Many of these women are trying to get over to the U.S. The miscreants force the victims to hang their clothes on a tree. This serves as both a reminder to women who don’t follow the coyotes’ rules and as a trophy for the monsters behind the rapes.

Additionally, boatloads upon boatloads of rapists are entering the U.S. to attack women.

Eight illegal immigrants were arrested in Montgomery County, MD for a rape/sex attack during a six-week period. It is also one of the most dangerous “sanctuary” areas in the U.S. It is impossible to determine how many illegal immigrants abused women and were able to get away with it.

It is impossible to deny that women are raped at both ends of the border because of their waking up. It will be a bigot if a woman discusses it.

The dirty little secret about wokeness? More and more women are victims of insane, woke policy. Women are being punished for being woke by the loss of their swimming trophies and the horrific level of sexual assaults perpetrated by illegal immigrants (and Democrat politicians such as Bill Clinton and Biden), and the silent feminists seem to be okay with this.

Truth is that waking people only support women when they advocate for the right to have children. Half of these children are likely to be female. Those girls are irrelevant.